10 Major Glitches in Iphone X And What To Do About Them

Apple finally went big with the launch of iPhone X. It’s one of the sleekest phone ever introduced by Apple. Thousands of people got their hands on the new phone, but sadly many problems have arisen over the period.  Moreover, Apple admitted that there are some issues with the new release from Face ID to Bluetooth to Wi-Fi activation, battery life, and particularly with the OLED display screen.Indeed, Apple has promised to fix the flaws that are affecting the performance of iPhone X in the near future.

Below is a list of all the major iPhone X glitches recently tracked and we will guide you how to fix these problems to improve the user experience.

  1. iPhone X freezes in cold weather

Reportedly, iPhone is said to get numb and unresponsive in cold weather. Reports tell that iPhone screen becomes lethargic and stops responding when in cold temperature. Apple has admitted the issue and as promised it release a new software to fix this problem. The effective solution is to either restart your phone or update it with the new release.

  1. Face ID can be misleading

Apple has completely refused that in order to increase the speed performance of iPhone X, it has dropped down its requirements in terms of sensor, camera used in Face ID etc. The Face ID is known to be providing high security but unfortunately, it didn’t prove to be as reliable as initially claimed. Although, Apple has given the guarantee that Face ID is a foolproof technique but it can’t differentiate between twins and the reports claim that it might face difficulty distinguishing between siblings. Surprisingly, after few weeks hackers claimed to hack the face ID with a mask.

  1. The most fragile iPhone ever

Apple’s most expensive creation is easily breakable. Testing concludes that the iPhone OLED display screen and glass back are very delicate. Although the display screen is ranked as the best ever but a single drop can shatter the screen into pieces. The repairing price is pretty costly too.  It will cost you not less than $250. It’s advisable to protect the phone with protective case to save it in the long run.

  1. Buzzing speaker

This is a common complaint that has been circulating in the iPhone discussion groups and on leading iPhone app development Singapore. The iPhone users have complained that they hear a buzzing sound when using speakerphone at high volume. The earpiece gets a crackling sound in the device with a video playback, call ringtone, sounds, alarms etc. This glitch is quite annoying for the users if you’re facing a similar problem you can consult it with Apple care as they can assist you in providing customer service.

  1. Apple’s OLED display warning

The troublesome issue occurred initially after the launch. Apple’s itself published a support document that warned the user that OLED screen display is expected to face some problems and they’re giving support by posting a document.

In conclusion

Despite all the problems and glitches, nothing will affect the hype that iPhone X has created in the market. Although, there are multiple problems linked to the new phone Apple is known for providing good customer service to its potential users. Additionally, they have promised to fix the bugs and glitches sooner. In this regard, Apple has recently launched new software update iOS 11.2.1 to fix the issues.

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