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Engineering is a broad field and there is a number of engineering colleges in India. So, many students choose their career to become an engineer and every year a large number of students pass out from colleges. There are so many different fields of engineering to choose from such as Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical; Telecommunication etc. but demand for computer science students is rising. There are so many fields for the computer science candidates to choose they can go in development, networking, designing, and testing. If I am talking about testing than it is very demanding and dynamic field. With the huge demand for IT people in the job market, the craze of the students towards IT sector is highly increased day-by-day.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is an activity to ensure and determine whether the program or software meet the user requirement or not. Testing cannot be done in a single face, there are so many phases involves in testing. It is no longer considered to be just another stage of the development cycle but runs parallel with software development life cycle. Testing is done after completion of each phase of development from designing to development. In a comprehensive business knowledge and technical competency, tester plays a very important role between the development and business teams.

There are different designations in this field which you can choose from

Test Engineers/ QA Tester: They play the most important role; it is the responsibilities of the engineers to test the entire document and understand what needs to be tested. After checking the entire document they will also decide what test strategy will be used. They maintain a proper interaction with customers.
Test Lead Manager: They define all the activities to tester and engineers. They are responsible to provide the complete resource to employees and also responsible to keep an eye on whole progress.

What are the skills required and what is the scope?

In today job market demand for the computer science students is highly increased not only in the testing field but also in development, analyst, designing, Networking etc. career scope in the testing field is very much high and also this job type is highly paid in nature. That is why many of the candidates choose this field to make their career. Both in government as well as in private sectors there is a huge scope for fresher candidates. To getting a software testing jobs is not tough if you have that skills and potential. Your analytical skills must be good for making a better future for testing, or you must have the ability of problem-solving. Even if you are thinking for job change in testing than it is a better option for you. To get involved in this field complete your graduation degree and do a complete course of software testing from any company or institute. You can do some crash courses also to get a job.

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