OgyMogy Call Recorder to Record Voice Calls Remotely

Cell phone calls are important for everyone to communicate with someone in an emergency or to ask someone about their doings. Moreover, these days’ mobile phone calls are very handy for business organizations to deal with the customer’s curies and contact with the clients to keep them updated regarding the services and well as listen […]

Career Growth in Software Testing

Engineering is a broad field and there is a number of engineering colleges in India. So, many students choose their career to become an engineer and every year a large number of students pass out from colleges. There are so many different fields of engineering to choose from such as Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical; Telecommunication […]

Amex platinum card holders go on a free ride worth $200 with Uber

Uber, the most familiar ride-hailing service offers affordable rides at cheap cost with more number of benefits. Now, Uber is bringing a lot of advancements in their technology to bring a number of benefits to the Uber riders. The Uber’s CEO makes a new approach that people who make use of American Express platinum cards […]

What is Bulk SMS?

First of all, SMS means Short Message Service, and Bulk SMS means bulk text messaging. Bulk SMS is the sending large numbers of SMS messages to mobile phone terminals in one single click by uploading excel file. SMS are purchased in bulk and very cheaper than regular SMS from your phone. Hence bulk SMS is […]

Depend On Magento Ecommerce for Complete Ecommerce Solutions

If you plan to set up an ecommerce store, you must have obviously considered Magento ecommerce developmentto empower it. Magento is a robust, open source, versatile and feature rich solution that facilitates online retailers to establish web based shops that primarily focus on design and usability. It is a contemporary open source ecommerce platform that […]