What is CTR and How to Increase the CTR of Your Website?

CTR (Click through Rate) is a term which is used to define the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the total number of times your ad is shown. High CTR of your website shows that user finds your ads relevant and helpful. It is used to measure the success of online marketing campaign. For example, if your advertisement had 100 impressions and receives 5 clicks, then the click-through rate for the advertisement would be 0.05%.

CTR is also considered as the biggest ranking factor. The higher your CTR, higher is the ranking.

Here are some tips to increase the CTR of your website:

  1. Ranking of your Website: If your website come on the 10th positions then your CTR will automatically decreases. The result shows that users usually click on the sites that come on the top 3 positions. To increase the CTR of your website it is also necessary to focus on your website ranking. Number one position on your search result page is obviously important; do all the necessary activities to increase the ranking of your website.

  1. Headline: Headline leaves a great impact on CTR of your page. Headline shows the google what your page is about. Use attractive headlines to grab the attention of the people. Visitors firstly see the headline of your content and if they found it useful then, they will surely visit your website for further information. Good headlines pull more people towards your website. Your headline must be less than 65 characters to make sure that the headline is not cut by the google. To increase the relevancy also mentions your keywords into your title.

  1. Optimize your Meta Description: Meta description gives the detail to users in the search engine Result page. Describe your Meta description smartly so that users will click on the link of your website. Limit of Meta description should be in between 150-160 character and it should contain the keywords for which the page is optimized.

  1. Make Rich Snippets: Rich snippets allow the search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page. With this search engines are able to return more relevant results to users. It has number It helps in increasing the click-through rate.

  1. Focus on URL: Your website pages URL must be user-friendly and short. Don’t use percentage sign (%), numbers in your URL; keep your URL simple so that users can easily understand about your page.

These are some of the tips to improve the CTR of any website. To do all these activities you need to focus on your site and you need to do lots of activates such as SEO, SMO, SEM, Email-marketing etc. Quality link building is necessary to improve the CTR of any site and for link building you need to take the help of Digital Marketer experts. In this respect, there is seen a great scope for digital marketing jobs to the job seekers for having a better future.

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