Guide to Essential Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

You’ve got your hands on Apple watch series 1 or jumped on to series 3 and you’re excited to get started with it. The Apple watch is a device that has more features than tell the time and send you notifications. Apart from this, it’s one of advanced best-selling smart watch ever with an attractive design. Moreover, the device lets you keep a track of everything and keep you motivated. Let’s reveal some of the undiscovered tips and tricks of Apple watch to get the most out of it.

  1. Organize the apps in the Dock

Apple Dock is a great addition to watchOS 3. You can take a look at all the currentlyused apps by pressing the side button. You can make use of this dock for keeping all the most used apps and your watch will give preference to these apps when refreshing the app. WatchOS 3 keeps all the recent used apps present at the end of the Dock. The apps get an update in the background and multitasking on iPhone gets easy. You can even custom set the apps you want to see in the dock to find them easily.

  1. Discreetly check the time

With Apple Watch, you can view time by resting your wrist. If you’re in a meeting or you don’t feel like lifting your wrist, you can check time by rotating the digital crown on the side corner upwards and it will light up the watch screen to let you see the time.

  1. Improved messages

Messaging on the Apple Watch is smarter. You can customize your messages and you can get predictions. You can view the conversation and send a symbol reaction additionally. Just tap twice on the message to send a reaction as a heart, laugh or thumbs up. The exclusive entry is Scribble which lets you write manually one letter at a time. Scribble gives better convenience by making it easy to customize the message you wish to send. You will also get autocomplete suggestion to complete the sentence. This feature will speed up the typing quite a bit.

  1. Find everything

You can find all the things through a tiny device. If you want to use ‘Find My Friends’ that’s available on iOS app development California. Don’t worry, it’s available on iwatch as well. You can also track your Kit in case you can’t find your phone. Go to settings and check it. From here, click the ping iPhone button and a sound will play until you find the watch.

  1. Don’t forget to Breathe

WatchOS 3 comes with a new built-in app known as breathe app. Breathe app is designed to let you focus on breathing and helps you relax. Breathe app haptic will guide you through the day how many breaths per minute is most comfortable and you can customize how many times you want the app to give you a reminder.

  1. Take a screenshot

With Apple watch, you can take a screenshot easily by pressing the crown button and side button. You can even send it to others or post it on social platforms. If you want to enable the screenshot, you can go to settings and activate it.

  1. Keep fitness track

Apple watch has a great feature that keeps track of an individual’s healthcare. There’s an Activity app that tracks all the data of your movements, sitting rate, heart rate, and even reminds you to take a walk if you’ve been sitting for long. In addition, you can set goals on the watch and it will help you achieve the targeted goals. The workout app will give you the update of your activities and you will get a feedback in the end.

  1. Build new watch face

Apple made an addition by adding new faces in the watchOS 3 and 3.2. The tab will show you various watch faces and you can click on them and customize with different colors and combinations and many other options. You can switch the watch faces by swiping from left to right.

  1. Use theatre mode

If you’re in a theatre or in room watching movie, you’d want a dark and silent room. To avoid disturbing people you can activate theatre mode, which will keep your iwatch silent throughout the movie. You can put the theatre mode icon in the control center for quick activation.

  1. Notification and glances

Apple has a feature of delivering notification and glances. It helps you through reminders for an upcoming event or an important notice. If you want to get notifications you can turn them off otherwise you can turn it off.

These are the Apple guides that we have discovered while using the fancy Apple watch. I hope you find these tips and tricks useful.

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