How to write a Long Tail Keyword Oriented Blog Post

Writing a quality blog post for your blog is the key element of successful blogging. You can consider a good quality guest post a back bone of blogging however it is useless if you can’t get enough hits on your post page. Usually bloggers get their traffic from search engine rankings so writing a seo optimized blog post is also very essential. To make a blog post optimized blogger usually make their posts topics depending on keywords which they want to target. For this purpose bloggers target long tail keywords for which they can rank their blog page with minimum backlinks. In this article i am going to explain about how you can choose long tail keywords for your blog post so let’s start with it.


What is Long Tail keyword: Long tail keywords are not called long tail due to multiple numbers of words in keywords. Long tail keywords are actually the keywords which have comparatively very low traffic volume however the competition is also extremely low. Bloggers choose such keywords for their blogs because they want to reap the small traffic behind the low competition of keywords by making just few or even no backlinks. So basicly there are two things which make a keyword long tail.

Traffic: A long tail keyword usually have small volume of traffic which may start from 50 searches per month to 5k searches per month. Although these keywords have small amount of traffic however the good reason behind choosing these keywords is low competition.

Low Competition: After choosing keywords with small traffic now it’s time to see the competition behind them. Bloggers analyze backlinks count and other ranking factors to analyze the top 10 ranking sites so that they can assess that what potential their website or webpage need to outrank already ranking sites on first page. To analyze top 10 results for targeted keywords bloggers use different paid and free tools. The basic aim to use these tools is to analyze the referring domains, referring backlinks and other ranking factors of the sites and pages which are already rank on top. This helps to pick low competition keywords for which bloggers need minimum backlinks to rank on top.

Keyword Picked-Now What?

After choosing a suitable keyword with some traffic volume and extremely low competition now it’s time to write about it. You can use your targeted keywords in your blog post to make it seo optimized so you must decide a topic of your blog post according to your chosen keyword.  

Writing Blog Post: Once you have decided the article topic now it’s time to write a blog post about it. You can use your targeted keyword one or two times in article but avoid using your keyword again and again in your article. Its also good to ad keyword in your post title, H1 heading and article body. The word count of your article must be 1k plus because google prefers webpages which have more content..

Once you have written your post, now you are ready to publish it on your blog and after getting your blog post published, its also highly recommended to make few low profile links to them. This way you can strengthen your backlinks so the link juice can flow right into your website.

Author Bio: This article is published by Sara Imaan who is digital marketing manager at Bissmik which is one of the top seo expert dubai company based in UAE.

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