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Apple has already announced its biggest release of the year, iPhone X, in a recent event officially. It’s the 10th anniversary iPhone from Apple that comes loaded with a plenty of new features. However, the new iPhone hasn’t been sent to the market yet and shipping is set to start in November. Meanwhile, let’s explore all the great features that the new iPhone is set to come with.

  1. All-Screen Design

As it was rumored for long, the new iPhone X features an all-screen design courtesy its 5.8” edge-to-edge display. There is no Home button out there and it’s just the iPhone screen on the front which goes from one end to the other.

  1. OLED Display

Apple has introduced Super Retina OLED display in its big release of the year with 2436×1125 pixels resolution. There is also support for HDR 10 and Dolby Vision technologies. There is True Tone technology incorporated in the display as well which allows for screen temperature adjustment according to the lighting conditions of the surroundings. In fact, True Tone has already been around since 10.5” iPad Pro and it’s just that Apple has introduced it for the first time in iPhones.

  1. Face ID

Apple has brought its breakthrough feature of the year in the iPhone X model as it was rumored to make it to the high-end iPhone among the three that Apple was set to release this year. As mentioned earlier, there is no Home button in iPhone X and the unlocking mechanism here is Face ID. It is actually a facial recognition feature that is said to be one of the most sophisticated of the current lot of similar unlocking mechanisms. The Face ID actually works with TrueDepth camera that is hidden at the top of new iPhone’s display. The infrared camera scans your face by illuminating it as soon as you glance at your iPhone.

And if you are worried that it’d be anywhere less secure compared to Touch ID or other similar systems, it’s actually not. You might be able to unlock the iPhone one out for 50000 times using Touch ID but it’s one out of million in case of Face ID. And Apple says that it can’t be fooled with photographs and can also recognize you in different hairstyles and even in specific sunglasses as well. Besides, it works just fine with Apple Pay and other apps that previously used Touch ID authentication too.

  1. A 11 Bionic SoC

Apple’s new iPhone is powered by the latest and most powerful A11 Bionic SoC. It’s the incremental version of what we previously had in iPhone 7, the A10 chip. And, obviously, it’s more powerful with its 6 different cores and brings sophisticated capabilities as AR to the new iPhone.

  1. AR Capabilities

Courtesy its A 11 chip, iPhone X now offers support for Augmented Reality apps. The A 11 processor is actually the benchmark now for Apple devices to offer such capabilities as AR.

Overall, it’s a great new iPhone release from Apple and the smartphone offers an unparalleled experience. Pre-order one for you as soon as Apple starts accepting pre-orders and have great fun with your modern-day smartphone.

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