Keypad Door Locks

Homeowners and business owners find the best way to go is keyless. Keypad door locks allow you a keyless entry relieving you the need for a locksmith since there are no keys to loose. All you need is to remember the privet code you have preset in the system. Once you or anyone you share the code with, punches it in the keypad, the door unlocks and entry is possible. The method for inputting passwords in keypad door locks are by having a display of a keypad in which numbers or letters are entered randomly this way the original password of the user is effectively protected from unauthorized others.

The majority of people understand that security cannot be compromises although this is difficult to find especially for businesses with doors that are open to the public during the day with people going in and out of their buildings.  To prevent this security hazard, so that important company assets are not exposed to unauthorized people keypad door locks can be installed. This is how most companies allow access only to specific employees to the selected secure areas.  Installing best keyless door locks can significantly increase security as well as separate places of un-authorization from the public entering the buildings and also internally among your employees.

There are different kinds of access controls for different sizes of businesses. Among these are card based controls, electric door locks, digital door locks, and keypad door locks.  The type of access control system you choose for your company will depend on the size of your company and of course your security needs.  Smaller retailers usually find simple keypad door locks will be enough to keep customers out of supply rooms.  You will also need to take into consideration the material elements of the building you need to keep secure.

The keypad is placed on the outside of the door controlling the door lock. While the electronics for most models are securely hidden inside. Keypad door locks are the best choice for people having physical difficulties inserting and turning a key in a standard lock. The keypad buttons are easy to press. These systems have an additional security feature if the wrong combination of numbers was pressed, they turn off and a local alarm tone is heard. After a few minutes you can attempt pressing in the right number combination. This feature formulates an exceptionally difficult defeat mechanism. Keypad door locks cannot be picked open and the majority of these systems are weather-proof and very hardy.

Keypad door locks offer endless possibilities of protection. There is a possibility of presetting more than one number combination on the keypad, so each member of the household or house worker has a unique code. You as the homeowner will have the master code which enables you to erase and add new codes any time.  If you don’t want to give the babysitter or repairman your real secret code, you can preset a temporary code latter erasing it and setting your original code again, all this can be can be done right on the keypad.

Keypad door locks can be used for controlling electric garage doors, since you use a keypad you can rest assure you have a high security locking system protecting your car and entrance to your house through the garage. There is a possibility of mounting a keypad unit outside and inside, both controlling the door lock, used in a similar way as a double cylinder lock.


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