How To Make Jio Video Call Using Jio 4G Voice App?

Now most trended and revolution in mobile data in india as the launch of reliance jio. The great offer make them more attractive for the customers. Millions of customers are added to the reliance jio. Not only their offers but their services and many useful apps. The apps includes in many categories. Jio tv, jio 4g voice , my jio app, jio chat etc are some of the apps develoed by reliance jio for their customers. Today, I am going here to show you how to make jio voice call using jio4gvoice android application.

If you are using android 4G Enabled smartphone or VoLTE Enabled android smartphone, you can make video call without any of the app. You can directly make video call. But you can also make video and voice call with the help of jio 4g voice in any of the android smartphone. Here I will give the detailed explanation on making jio video and voice call using jio 4g voice app in both VoLTE and Non-VoLTE Enabled smartphone.

Make jio video call in VoLTE Enabled smartphone.

It is very easy to make video call in VoLTE Enabled smartphone. The smartphone supports 4G. VoLTE means voice over long term evolution. First of you you have to download and install jio 4g voice app from play store on your android smartphone. Now you are going to make jio video call using the app. For this just dial the receivers number from dial pad. Or you can select the contact from the contact list.

When you press  call button then you have option making jio voice call using jio4gvoice apk. Select the app and forward call. When the receiver receives the call, now tap the video camera icon you can see on the top bar of the jio 4g voice app interface. Now your voice call converted to the video call. You can see the receivers end in a small window on your smartphone.

How To Make jio video call in Non-VoLTE Enabled smartphone?

If you have only 2G enabled android smartphone and Non-VoLTE smartphone, You can make jio video call using jio 4g voice app.  But your smartphone does not supports 4g data. Now you need the jio 4g voice app installed on your android smartphone and you need JioFi wifi modem by reliance jio. You can connect your Non-VoLTE android smartphone to jio 4g network with the help of jiofi with wifi. Then you wull get 4G speed of data under jiofi wifi router.

Now Connect your Non-VoLTE smartphone to the wifi using jio fi. Download and install jio 4g voice app on your smartphone. As we do in VoLTE smartphone, using dial pad, make a call to your preferred contact and call using jio 4g voice app. Thus connect or convert your voice call into video call by tapping on the video camer icon on jio4gvoice interface.

With jiofi you can connect upto 31 devices in wifi including laptops.  Note that if you have android smartphone version Gingerbread and below, you cannot install jio 4g voice app. Just upgrade your smartphone to above version.


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