Safeguarding Your Data- Online Backup & Database Backup To Your Rescue

In today’s fast paced world, we are primarily driven by technology. Without it, we cannot imagine our life as we have become habitual of its regular usage at every juncture of our lives. There could be a sudden hard drive crash or even date theft of your computer. At such times, online backup for your computeris a must. A backup prevents losing of our important data, valuable documents, pictures,and files amongst other things.  A backup to your computer systems helps in case of any calamities.

Under such a scenario, you need to back up your computers often, which is safe and dependable. What we need is installing the software and assigns all the files and important items to be backed up.  The system copies everything and stores every date in it that can be accessed by you when required.  The data is sent to several independent servers and is saved in atleast two different locations.  In cases when a catastrophe hits one site, the data is found on another site.

In backing online, any data is first encrypted and later, transmitted, thus protecting confidentiality of sensitive and valuable updates.  Also, in case   the company office is not accessible for any hazard, the data can be checked from home computers, laptops etc. This ensures continuity of work from another place without any hindrance.

Database failure is a concern that could be hazardous for any individual or an organization. It could happen due to damaged or corrupt files or any calamity.  In order to prevent it, a database backupand recovery plan needs to be in place. Any organization puts extra emphasis on backing up its data and protects it. There are all kinds of free backup software available for your back up on the Internet. The backup software should be equipped with   database parts like redo logs, control files and data files. The recovery process consists of certain operations, which is used to protect the database from data loss.

Backup of database and the recovery procedure might look complicated but you can follow some basic rules that help to make the process easy.  You should start with multiplexing, the online redo logs followed by a foray in Archive log mode. The redo log is then archived in a couple of locations.  Later, after syncing all control file backups, the backups of the various files are stockpiled safely.  Creating backups of archive redo logs make sense as till the time it is there, we can recreate the original database easily. There are various kinds of backups  that can be done to secure the data like offline database backup, data file backup, online backup of database,  and so on.

Needless to say, it is vital to create a backup for your company’s database. The organization or the individual would be at sea should the database fail due to any reason.  Such backups are very commonplace these days and free backup software solutions are available in abundance to protect the priceless data of the organization.

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