How Sleeping with Your Mobile Phone Affects Your Body Health

Keeping mobile phones everywhere is a common habit of people today. In fact, people don’t even leave their phones when they are in bed at night. Yes, smartphones have made our lives amazingly convenient and simple. But, like any other habit, the excess of mobile phones can also affect your health in a bad way.

Mobile Phone Affects

Though experts are still researching on the effects of mobile phones on the human body, here are a few proven health hazards of sleeping with mobile phones at night. 

1. Toxic fumes affect your body

The smartphones with advanced features get heated easily. This heat increases the temperature of the outer shell of the phone. With this damage, toxic fumes generate that goes to your lungs and damages your body health. Hence, all those people who hide their mobile phones under their pillow need to get rid of this habit. By keeping a mobile phone under your pillow, you are exposing your body to a slow poison. 

Toxic fumes affect your body

2. A little radiation every day

We all know that the mobile phones constantly send electromagnetic waves to the mobile towers and receive the signal from them. This radiation has the capacity to decay slowly all kinds of organic material coming in its way. So, while you are asleep, a little amount of radiation attacks your body and mind and harm it. Regular exposure to this radiation can lead to various brain problems, skull decay that becomes a problem in later life. 

little radiation every day

3. No sound sleep

The night’s sleep is important to feel fresh during the day time. A sound sleep is what keeps your body healthy and mind fresh. This is the key to living a healthy life. However, smartphones are the villains for your sleep. The continuous notifications and buzzing of the mobiles make it pretty difficult for your brain to go to that meditating depth. The constant disturbance during the night is the reason you feel lazy, bored, unhappy, and even depressed all the time.

No sound sleep

Apart from all these points, it is also to note that you shouldn’t sleep with your mobile phone on your head. Many people sleep while talking on the phone, which enhances the level of radiation exposure and increases the chances of health hazards. 

Precautions You Can Take

The best thing you can do is to stay away from your mobile at least during night times. Try to avoid the use of mobile phones in any manner like for playing games, chatting, or any other thing. You might end up sleeping with the mobile phone near you. So, it is better to switch off the phone and get a sound sleep. You can also use the hands-free, so that, the radiation doesn’t reach your body. Plus, you can put the phone in silent mode and at a safe distance from your bed.

Finally, it is necessary to keep yourself aware of the health hazards of the technology. Small problems become bigger if not taken seriously. So, read, understand, and take precautions to stay healthy.

Hopefully, this information will help you get a sound sleep every night.

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