Snapchat may become history with WhatsApp’s update

Recently, WhatsApp has come out with a new and unique feature known as Status. This feature is known to be exciting and allow the users to have their statutes updated with time limited videos, photos, GIFs and scribbles.

Its history

It was a couple of years ago WhatsApp had acquired Facebook for around $19 billion. There has always been a rivalry with Snapchat, another popular dynamic messaging platform. This provider is also known to come up with frequent changes to match its competitors.

whatsapp update

The current WhatsApp feature update is regarded to be much more upfront. WhatsApp has made several useful modifications right from introducing user tagging, read receipts, WhatsApp Web, end-to-end encryption as well as retraction of $1 paltry annual subscription fee. There has been updation of the key functionalities along with the user behavior, which includes customization of the previous templatized status messages.

About Status

WhatsApp users via Status can share videos, photos, sketches, GIFs, and emoji as status updates. Such updates, however, would disappear after a span of 24 hours. Similar to the text messages, they are end-to-end encrypted. Users can schedule multiple updates that will run like that of a reel, thus offering friends with a glimpse of the individual’s activities the entire day. The duration of the content can be around 45 seconds, which, however, cannot be saved to the device. This feature is made available to those using Android and the iOS.

Its location

It will appear automatically in the app. An icon can be noticed between ‘Chats’ and ‘Calls’ on the WhatsApp home screen navigation bar. The update function of the traditional text status is likely to be separate.

How does it function?

As soon as one captures a video or photo to be shared, the user is then taken to the virtual Photoshop interface. The following can be done here:

  • Scribble on captured file
  • Have emojis superimposed and positioned on the file
  • Have caption added below to explain the content

* After creation of the Status, it is possible to control the viewer by specifying within the Privacy Settings. ‘Privacy’ icon is to be tapped on iOS. Check out for ‘Status Privacy’ on the Android. The Statuses can be made a universal delight or simply choose individual friends to get to see the Status updates or exclude specific contacts. In the case, one wants to send the content to any specific friend; a private chat message can be sent as usual.

* It is possible to discover the contacts viewed on the Status at the screen bottom on the ‘View Counter’ option.

Status of everyone

Once you click the Status tab, you can view a horizontal list with all the contacts of the individual along with updated Statuses. The user can swipe right or left for scrolling through the list, press swipe on the Status for replying it or tap to pause.

With the addition of a Status feature, WhatsApp has transformed from a simple messaging tool to a platform for entertainment for people who are looking much more than just sending messages. It is certainly not good news for Snapchat whose growth has slowed down to 82% since Instagram launched its Stories in 2016. Moreover, with over 1 billion monthly users sending around 60 billion messages, it has also possibly opened the doors for businesses and advertisers to send messages to the users in a restrained yet useful way.

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