Why Did I Breakup with Windows Phone?

I’m no more part of the one percent.

As of around a month back, I’m presently wearing a Nexus 6P (made by Huawei). I’m still on Verizon. In any case, my Lumia Icon is presently in a work area drawer.

I didn’t result in these present circumstances choice gently. I very loved Windows Phone and figured I’d be one of the last to run down with the boat – which presently has around one percent piece of the pie. Numerous Microsoft representatives no more utilize Windows Phones (and not simply for the sake of “examination”). On the off chance that couple of Softies have faith in the stage, why ought to whatever remains of us?

Let’s begin with the main problem: lack of apps.

In fact the App problem has cost Windows phone countless users, the team at CheapContractPhones.org.uk ran a survey that found 76% of Windows Phone users were disappointed at the lack of them and even the apps that are out – the functionality isn’t up to scratch.

Windows 10 Mobile, from numerous points of view, feels like a stage in reverse from Windows Phone 8.X, component shrewd, particularly on existing Windows Phone handsets that can’t exploit Windows Hello and Continuum. However I was staying with Windows Phone/Windows Mobile since I utilize Windows PCs, numerous Windows administrations (OneDrive, Groove, Outlook.com, Office 365) and Windows Phones appear to be uniquely designed for a Microsoft-driven client like me.

For those asking why I didn’t go iPhone, I am not intrigued by Apple items, as I have a profound situated individual abhorrence for goodness’ sake Apple-related. I would prefer not to be partnered with the Apple client group. Other than a moderately short toss with the iPad, I haven’t bought any Apple equipment, programming or administrations. This is an individual inclination/decision. I think uniquely in contrast to a significant number of my tech press partners. I am a PC.

Android was and is another story. I know numerous stress over Google scratching our data and utilizing it to keep its pursuit/advertisement juggernaut rolling. Be that as it may, I feel like we’ve all to a great extent surrendered our security for comfort nowadays, paying little respect to stage. (Scroogledcampaigns and seller protection guarantees won’t influence me on this, so don’t try sending them.)

So when my Windows Weekly cohost Paul Thurrott offered me an opportunity to attempt one of the Google telephones – the Nexus 5X – two or three months prior, I chose it may be a decent approach to test the developing number of Microsoft applications and administrations on Android (some of which aren’t accessible at all for Windows Phone). I essentially put my Verizon SIM from my Icon into the Nexus 5X and I turned into a first-time “Android Pro” client.

By then, despite everything I felt like this was just a test. I missed my Windows Phone Live Tiles and the way benefits I utilized, as OneDrive, just worked. What I didn’t miss was that old pit-in-the-stomach feeling that an application I may need or need would regularly not be accessible on my Windows Phone.

I’ve generally said (and still do, to be completely forthright) that I’m very little of an application individual. At the point when on Windows Phone, that projection reflected reality. Be that as it may, once I began utilizing Android, I understood I could be an application individual on the off chance that I needed. Rather than expecting an application wouldn’t exist, I could now simply assume that on Android, it would. Despite everything I have just around twelve applications introduced on my Android telephone, yet knowing I can download increasingly if and when I need is a liberating feeling.

Yes, I know Microsoft’s system for populating the common Windows 10 store rotates around designers making just minor changes in accordance with their Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform PC applications in order to bolster Windows Phone. Yet, in the previous week alone, case of the shortcoming of that system have developed. Sonos isn’t going to do a UWP appand has no arrangements to discharge a Windows Phone application. Also, Opera executives say while the organization may one day do a UWP form of Opera Mini for Windows Phones, yet it’s certainly not a need.

At the point when Microsoft faltered on permitting Icon clients to move up to Windows 10 Mobile, I chose it was the ideal opportunity for me to make a move. I ran with Thurrott’s recommendation and decided on a Nexus, since the Google telephones are the ones well on the way to be stayed up with the latest with the most recent Android OS discharges and alters, and are additionally the ones with the minimum crapware preinstalled. I purchased a major (5.7-inch) Nexus 6P (the 32GB gold form) and populated it with my Microsoft applications and administrations.

The battery life on the 6P is astounding. I can some of the time go two days without a charge. I adore USB-C quick charging much more than I ever thought about remote charging. I open the telephone with the inherent unique finger impression.

The strong notices on Android have weaned me from my Live Tile reliance. Furthermore, don’t give anybody a chance to trick you: The cameras on both the 5X and 6P take truly awesome photographs, particularly in low light. I discover the camera application on Android much less demanding and reliable than the Microsoft or Nokia ones I utilized on my Icon.

This is what I don’t care for about my Android telephone. As somebody who doesn’t utilize Google administrations other than Google Maps, the Chrome program and Google seek, I need to go through the motions to utilize Microsoft applications and administrations on my telephone. I’ve had some timetable synchronizing issues with the generally pleasant Outlook Mobile application. Sparing and getting to my photographs and records utilizing OneDrive generally works. Be that as it may, it’s not as consistent as it was on my Windows Phone. I’m trusting Microsoft’s apparently developing spotlight on Android applications and administrations may make for smoother cruising, going ahead.

In the event that Microsoft ever turns out with its own proportionate to a Google telephone, say, something like a Surface Phone, I unquestionably will investigate, I stay focused on Windows on PCs and portable workstations, and still like and utilize numerous Microsoft applications and administrations. In any case, I need to say, I’m not persuaded now that Microsoft’s Windows 10 UWP procedure will alter the application whole issue that keeps on plagueing Windows Phones.

My enthusiasm for all kinds of Windows, including Mobile, stays, as does my enthusiasm for Microsoft equipment, programming and administrations on all stages, including Windows Mobile.

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